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'festival folk sing...

The aim of festival folk sing... is to celebrate important singers and songwriters that influence Australian artists and music lovers. The idea is to choose a songwriter that we all love and invite artists that regularly perform at Australian festivals to record a track for a compilation CD. The concept was created by Marina Hurley in 2010, who wanted to capture the creative talents of the many artists who perform fantastic arrangements of other artists’ songs, yet often don’t record them.  Festival folk sing The Dark Side of the Moon is the sixth album of the festival folk sing… series, following on from festival folk sing Gordon Lightfoot (2016: produced by Andrew Pattison), festival folk sing Judy Small (2013), festival folk sing Bob Dylan (2012), festival folk sing Eric Bogle (2011) and festival folk sing Joni Mitchell (2010). Since 2010, over 200 leading Australian and international singers and musicians have donated their tracks to this project.

The festival folk sing… productions are initially funded by the music charity, the Troubadour Foundation. Then all profits of the sales of all albums are donated back to the foundation. The popularity of the CDs and concerts has helped the foundation significantly further it’s mission (see below) by increasing its funds through these sales. It has also assisted in raising the Foundation's profile. All CDs include musicians contact information so you can purchase their music or book them for a gig. 

About the Troubadour Foundation...

By purchasing this CD you are furthering the mission of the Troubadour Foundation (est. 2007) to “Provide assistance and encouragement for the sustainability of Australian folk culture".  Its initial funding was bequeathed by a small group of people who had enjoyed many festivals and wanted to give something back. Since then, the future of the Troubadour Foundation’s funding relies entirely on donations and its own fundraising. The Troubadour Foundation has helped finance the production of many folk artists’ CDs and other ventures. The foundation has contributed to many worthy causes; for example, the purchase of St. Brigid's Church and Hall in Crossley, near Port Fairy, to retain as a community venue; a significant donation was made to the Rolling the Ball - Dance Floor Fund for the construction of a new dance floor at the National Folk Festival at Exhibition Park in Canberra; financial assistance to help artists who have had their instruments stolen. The Foundation's limited funds are available for these types of initiatives and to assist in cases of hardship within the folk community.  www.thetroubadourfoundation.com