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The festival folk sing Bob Dylan CD is the third 'festival folk sing...' tribute album.  While an invitation-only project, there was so much interest in this project that we produced a double CD. 

The rationale behind the festival folk sing...' projects: "Many artists are also songwriters and when they perform a cover they love, it is usually a gem. The aim is to record these gems and to celebrate both the artist - their talents in arrangement and as musicians and singers - and the songwriter." Marina Hurley, April 2012.  

festival folk sing Bob Dylan presents a cross-section of some of the best singers that appear at Australian folk and acoustic festivals, including two precious artists that have passed on. 

© All music & lyrics by Bob Dylan. © festival folk sing Bob Dylan 2012. All profits of the sale of will go to The Troubadour Foundation. Everyone involved with the artistic production of this CD have donated their time and efforts, and the artists have also donated their recordings.

Produced by Marina Hurley with the support of The Troubadour Foundation Mastered by David Briggs at The Production Workshop.  Front cover artwork by Martin Pearson and Marina Hurley.

Disc One

1              Gilly Darbey                                                 Just Like A Woman *                   

2              Fallen Angels                                               Forever Young ^                           

3              Roy Bailey                                                   With God On Our Side                 

4              Bernard Carney                                           Song to Woody+                            

5              Salvation Jane                                             Ring Them Bells                              

6              Hayward Williams                                        4th Time Around *                         

7              Twice Bitten                                                 I Believe In You                               

8              Bill Jackson                                                 Blind Willie McTell                         

9              Russell Morris                                             Mr. Tamborine Man                       

10           Dave O'Neill and Bob Rodgers                   Senor                                                  

11           David Moloney & Jesse Gardner                 All Along The Watchtower *        

12           Broderick Smith                                           Buckets of Rain *                            


Disc Two             

13           Martin Pearson & the MP3                          Masters of War                                 

14           The Poachers                                             Tomorrow Is A Long Time          

15           Ange Takats                                                I Shall be released *                      

16           Glenn Cardier                                             Is Your Love In Vain                    

17           Carl Pannuzzo                                            One More Cup Of Coffee *         

18           Tommy Leonard                                          Bob Dylan's  Dream                         

19           Maggie and Elsie Rigby                              The Times They Are A-Changing       

20           Chanel Lucas & Graham Hobson               Make You Feel My Love                                

21           Little Creatures                                           Don't Think Twice It's All Right   

22           Ruth Hazleton                                             Dark Eyes *                                         

23           Alistair Hulett                                               Just like a woman *                         

24           Trevor Lucas                                               Forever Young ^                               

© Special Rider Music, except for *©Dwarf Music, ^©Ram’s Horn Music , +©