Gordon Lightfoot

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The festival folk sing Gordon Lightfoot CD is the fifth 'festival folk sing...' tribute album.   The CD can be purchased from the www.tradandnow.com

© All music and lyrics by Gordon Lightfoot. All songs published by Warner/Chappell Music Australia Pty Ltd, except 12 (Mushroom Music Pty Ltd). Produced by Andrew Pattison with assistance from Marina Hurley. Compiled by Steve Vella at Dog and Bear Studios, Trentham, Victoria. Mastered by David Briggs at The Production Workshop, Melbourne. CD cover design and artwork by Martin Pearson and Ramona Tilley. Painting of Gordon Lightfoot by Heather McCormack. 

Track Listing

1             Affair On 8th Avenue                     Cliff Ellery / Triptych                        3.15

2             Song For A Winter's Night            Tommy Leonard                               4.10

3             Talking In Your Sleep                     Greg Champion                                 3.03

4             For Lovin' Me                                    Penny Larkins                                    2.40

5             Early Morning Rain                        Joe Dolce                                             3.12

6             Steel Rail Blues                                Scott Cook                                          3.15

7             Rainy Day People                            Suzette Herft & Patrick Evans      3.08

8             Minstrel of the Dawn                     Enda Kenny                                        4.00                                       

9             The Last Time I Saw Her               Duncan Chalmers                             5.40

10           Carefree Highway                            Andrew Szery                                    3.41

11           Softly                                                    Cloudstreet                                        2.31

12           Did She Mention My Name?       Fred Smith                                          3.12

13           Miguel                                                 Rod McCormack                               4.17

14           Shadows                                             Liz Frencham                                     3.50

15           Sundown                                            O'Neill & Rodgers                            2.41

16           If You Could Read My Mind        Mike McClellan                                 4.52

17           Don't Beat Me Down                      Cliff Ellery / Triptych                        3.35