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festival folk sing Joni Mitchell - Artist Details

1. Woodstock (©Joni Mitchell/ Siquomb Publishing Co., arr. Kate Fagan)

℗Kate Fagan. Kate Fagan – vocal & acoustic guitar, Heath Cullen – acoustic guitar. Engineered & mixed by Heath Cullen, recorded at Railway St and The Dairy.

Kate Fagan is a celebrated Australian singer-songwriter and poet. Her album Diamond Wheel won the National Film & Sound Archive Award for Best Folk Album. (,

2. Chelsea Morning (©Joni Mitchell/ Siquomb Publishing Co.)

℗ 2008 The Wise Girls.   Lucy Wise – vocal & guitar, Ruth Wise – vocal & fiddle, Rowena – vocal, bodhran & shaker. Engineered & Mixed by Scott Wise.

The Wise Girls are Ruth, Lucy and Rowena Wise from Margaret River WA. They write their own songs and put their own spin on everything from Joni Mitchell to Elliot Smith along with some crankin' fiddle tunes and beautiful harmonies. (

3. I Don't Know Where I Stand (©Joni Mitchell/ Siquomb Publishing Co., arr. Chanel Lucas & Graham Hobson)

℗ Chanel Lucas. Chanel Lucas – vocal & guitar, Graham Hobson - keyboard & guitar, Michael Patrick – violin. Engineered & mixed by Graham Hobson, recorded at Grey Sky Blue (

Chanel Lucas: Warm, pure vocals and gentle folk guitar are Chanel's signature sound. Her music allows you to stop and take a breath, and enjoy the moments outside of the busy day-to-day. A writer and songwriter, she has travelled across the world with Brisbane folk-pop act Women in Docs. (,

4. Coyote (©Joni Mitchell/ Crazy Crow Music, arr. Ros Barnes & Peter Grandison)

℗ Ros Barnes. Ros Barnes – vocal, Peter Grandison – electric guitar.  Engineered & mixed by Peter Grandison, recorded at Shanghai Twang Studio, South Fremantle WA.

Ros Barnes: Song is like water or air for Ros, and there is none better than Joni’s. Ros Barnes, from Fremantle WA, has released 3 CDs of original works. (,

5. Blue (©Joni Mitchell, arr. Wendy Rowlands)

℗2008 Flight Tonight from their CD Blue. Fay White – vocal, Wendy Rowlands – piano, Elisabeth Anderson – cello. Engineered & mixed by A.J. Leonard, recorded at Tree Top Studio.

Fay White: This lady's a perennial. Light and gutsy songs covering 20 years of passionate and compassionate writing. (

6. Willy (©Joni Mitchell/ Siquomb Publishing Co., arr. Kristina Olsen)

℗Take a Break Productions.  Kristina Olsen - vocals & slide resonator guitar. Engineered & mixed by Kristina Olsen, recorded at Old Ellie Street Studio.

Kristina Olsen is a superb multi-instrumentalist as well as an award-winning songwriter with a big bluesy voice from California. (,

7. A Case of You. (©Joni Mitchell, arr. Kate Burke)

℗ Kate Burke. Kate Burke - vocal and guitar. Engineered & mixed by Pete Wild, recorded at the Poker Room.  

Kate Burke is a singer and multi-instrumentalist who has been a long-time collaborator with Ruth Hazleton and Aus-Irish band Trouble in the Kitchen. (,

8. Carey (©Joni Mitchell, arr. Julie Matthews and Steve Brookfield)

℗Julie Matthews and Steve Brookfield.  Julie Matthews – vocal & tenor ukulele; Steve Brookfield – keyboards & bass. Engineered & mixed by Steve Brookfield, recorded at CA2 studio, Carlisle UK.

Julie Matthews is recognized as one of the most talented songwriters to have come out of the British Isles. She has been compared to Richard Thompson and Mary Chapin Carpenter, but Julie's powerful style puts her in a class of her own. (

9. Little Green (©Joni Mitchell, arr. Kavisha Mazzella)

℗Kiki Wilmot & Kavisha Mazzella. Kiki Wilmot – vocal & guitar; Kavisha Mazzella – vocal & guitar. Engineered & mixed by Joel Mammone, recorded at Muzuproductions (

Kiki Wilmot & Kavisha Mazzella. At just 21 Kiki Wilmot is an emerging singer songwriter who comes from a long line of musicians and performers. She has been performing with her mother Kavisha Mazzella at festivals for the last 10 years. Kavisha Mazzella is an ARIA Award winning musician and singer who crosses musical boundaries. She makes passionate, life-affirming music. (,

10. The Fiddle and the Drum (©Joni Mitchell, arr. A Perfect Circle)

℗2007 Spooky Men's Chorale from their CD Stop Scratching It. Engineered & mixed by Guy Dickerson. 

The Spooky Men’s Chorale comes down from the Mountains like a wolf on the fold. Forged in the red-hot cauldron of Georgian table singing, where anvil strikes bread and like their brothers of old they raise the morning sun with uplifted arms, their ecumenical embrace now extends to songs Paulian and Johnian. They sing paeans in praise of hardware yet are unafraid to face the existential angst that stares up at them from the debris of breakfast. (,

11. You Turn Me On, I'm A Radio (©Joni Mitchell, arr. Mandy Connell)

℗ Mandy Connell. Mandy Connell – vocal and guitar. Engineered & mixed by Mandy Connell , recorded at Newcombe Rd. Productions.  

Mandy Connell: Old & Nu-Folk influences can be heard in Mandy's voice and Joni is definitely one of them. Straight, raw and simply timeless. (,

12. This Flight Tonight (©Joni Mitchell, arr. Chris While, Maartin Allcock & Pete Zorn)

℗ Chris While.  Chris While – vocal & guitar, Maartin Alcock– bass and backing vocals, Pete Zorn – percussion and backing vocals. Engineered & mixed by Steve Brookfield, recorded live.  

Chris While has been one the leading singer/songwriters in the British Isles now for a couple of decades and has recently been described by Eddi Reader as "The best singer in England”. (,

13. River (©Joni Mitchell, arr. Liz Frencham)

℗ Liz Frencham.  Liz Frencham – vocals & double bass . Engineered & mixed by Steve Vella , recorded at Dog and Bear Studio.

Liz Frencham is a rare artist, a sought after accompanist, a radiant and memorable performer, and an accomplished songwriter whose songs have been recorded by more than one respected artist. (,

14. The Last Time I Saw Richard (©Joni Mitchell, arr. Ange Takats)

℗ Ange Takats. Ange Takats – vocal + guitar. Engineered & mixed by Chris Neehause, recorded at Psi Fi Studios.

Ange Takats: Q Song Award Winner and recipient of the Lis Johnston Award, Ange Takats began her music career singing Joni Mitchell songs in a hippie bar in Thailand. (

15. All I Want (©Joni Mitchell, arr. Alanna & Alicia Egan)

℗ Alanna & Alicia Egan. Alanna & Alicia Egan –vocals, Jesse Lubitz – guitar. Engineered & mixed by Barry Stockley, recorded at Fatsound Recording Studio, West Melbourne.

Alanna & Alicia Egan: Twin sister singer/songwriters Alanna & Alicia sing original acoustic songs blending folk, jazz and roots. Their lyrics sparkle with an original intimate voice that is rare in songwriters today. (,                  

16. Big Yellow Taxi (©Joni Mitchell/ Siquomb Publishing Co., arr. Akasa)

℗ Akasa. Andrea Khoza – lead vocal, Vicky King, Annemarie Sharry and Sally Gawley – backing vocals, Mark Grunden – percussion. Engineered, recorded & mixed by Admusic.

Akasa: With stunning passion, power and skill, the four women of Akasa create irresistible tapestries of intricate and elaborate harmonies and rhythms. (

17. Both Sides Now (©Joni Mitchell/ Siquomb Publishing Co., arr. Kat Kraus)

℗ Kat Kraus. Kat Kraus – vocals, Robert Mills - keys & synth, Emma Luker – violin, Stephan Richter - cello & fretless bass. Recorded & mixed at Sodypop Studio by Brett Sody.

Kat Kraus is known as one of the most respected vocalists in the Adelaide music scene. As well as being a founding member of Colcannon, she has recorded with many artists, including Eric Bogle, John Munro's Eureka Suite, and Adelaide blues band JBE. (

18. For Free (©Joni Mitchell/ Siquomb Publishing Co., arr. Penny Larkins)

℗ Penny Larkins. Penny Larkins – vocal, Carl Pannuzzo – piano. Recorded & mixed by David Briggs.

Penny Larkins is a ‘genre gatherer’, the common denominator being truthful story-telling. Life has lead her through classical into jazz and musical theatre, but folk has served as bed all the while. She shares many a stage moment with Carl Pannuzzo in their duo PotnKettle. (;

Photo credits - Kirstie Hunt (Chris While), Ross Waldron (Kate Fagan), Marina Hurley (Kat Kraus, Amanda Connell, Liz Frencham)